F# for Scientists announced by Jon Harrop

I’m very excited to see that Jon Harrop has announced his intention to produce F# for Scientists. Jon is a PhD in Computational Chemistry from the University of Cambridge, and also the author of the absolutely must-have book Ocaml for Scientists.  One review of this fantastic book said: What do you take with you when police are banging…


F# on TIOBE (including a correction)

My good friend Ralf has pointed me at a brief mention of F# on the monthly TIOBE index, a programming language popularity measure based on a simple count of hits returned by a web search. It seems F# has begun registering a few more hits of late. There are a couple of corrections to make…


Apress announces "Foundations of F#", by Robert Pickering, for March 2007

I’m very excited to see that James Huddleston from Apress has announced the upcoming publication of Foundations of F#, by Robert Pickering.  Here’s the Apress announcement. The book will be out in March 2007. The description on Amazon (where you can pre-order) promises that this will be “an elegant, comprehensive introduction to all aspects of the language…


Dominic on Dynamic and Japanese Flash Cards

Two blog entries from Dominic: a short funny one on “dynamic” programming a long one on a Japanese Vocabulary Flash Card App with InfoPath, F#, GDI+, SDL and GP2X.  


F# on Channel 9

Recently I had the pleasure of talking with Mike Hall and a DV Camera for an hour, the end result being two F# videos/interviews recently posted on Channel 9. There are two parts:                   Interview by Mike Hall                 The F# WebCrawler and DirectX demos   Thanks to Damien Watkins for arranging this 🙂  


Draft Chapter 2 of "Expert F#": Essential Language Features

  [ Note: this post is now out-of-date: drafts of Chapters 2-7 are now available ]    I’m very glad to announce the availability of an early draft of Chapter 2 of a book on F# which I’m currently in the process of co-authoring.  The projected title of the book is, unabashedly, “Expert F#”. This is one of two F# books planned…


Detailed release notes for

Detailed release notes for   Collected changes between v1.1.11.12 and Lightweight syntax option. Are you sick of writing in? The #light option makes the use of certain keywords such as in optional by using indentation. See the informal language specification for details, as well as the ConcurrentLife sample and the Samples101 tutorial. Enable…


Lightweight syntax option in F#

We’re glad to announce that F# supports the optional use of lightweight syntax through the use of whitespace to make indentation significant.  At the time of this release this is an experimental feature, though it is assumed that its use will become widespread. The F# indentation-aware syntax option is a conservative extension of the…


F# 1.1.12 now released!

We’re very pleased to announce that F# 1.1.12 is available for download. (note: since the time of writing this has been updated to F# This release incorporates a significant number of minor improvements combined with two new features: a lightweight syntax option and a feature called Active Patterns.   Both are considered “beta” features: minor changes…