F# on Channel 9

Recently I had the pleasure of talking with Mike Hall and a DV Camera for an hour, the end result being two F# videos/interviews recently posted on Channel 9. There are two parts:


                Interview by Mike Hall

                The F# WebCrawler and DirectX demos


Thanks to Damien Watkins for arranging this 🙂


Comments (11)

  1. Mark Czubin says:

    I like F# a lot, it’s my first introduction to functional programming, (altough this year I’ll have func programming : )

    Anyways I made a F# plugin for monodevelop just to hack on it (syntax highlight is probably incomplete but I’ll notice later)

    keep up the good work!

    (btw: Commens required?, you guys take usability a little bit too serious)

  2. falcon says:

    This post didn’t show up on hubfs. I’ve made hubfs my main source for new F# information, I wonder what other good stuff I’ve missed 🙂

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