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Rob Burke has just written a blog entry on F#:  It was great to have Rob to visit - I first met Rob when you presented his Symphony system - an amazing example of .NET in action!  Rob is currently an all-round developer guru working with Microsoft in Ireland and is well known across Europe and further afield. In his blog entry you even get to see me with Ralf and Thore of the Applied Games Group out at the Eagle in Cambridge.  But it's really about F# - here's a quote from Rob:


But the why of functional programming is just as important as the what.  I definitely had my eureka moment while Don was walking me through F#, by way of an impromptu riff on some of his F# "getting started" materials.  Not only are the F# language and environment ideal for prototyping, interactive scripting (think Python) and interactive visualization (think Matlab), but there are also some abstractions and concepts that are much more easily described in a functional language like F#.

Awesome F Sharp Demo There's an awesome F# demo (pictured here) that you can step through yourself, where F# taps into Managed DirectX to display a graph and other 3D information in real-time.  You can visualize the results, and even change them, using the immediate window, and use your mouse to navigate the interactive window.  Absolutely killer demo.

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  1. RobBurke says:

    Thanks again for the great walkthrough of F# – I had a great time at MSRC.  And that really is an impressive demo!

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