Minor Update to 1.1.10 (version released)

Just to mention that F# version has been released (in truth it's been up for a week - I neglected to write a blog entry before I went on my brief vacation, though it was announced on the F# List)

The most important thing with this release is that it fixes the Visual Studio 2003 install problem.  Here are the other release notes:

  • The unverifiable type constructor nativeptr is now supported for C/C++/C# pointer types, e.g. sbyte* becomes sbyte nativeptr. In principle this is a breaking change, as previously .NET pointer types were mapped to the F# type nativeint, and are now mapped to nativeptr instead. The new behaviour is, however, consistent with .NET and necessary to permit methods that overload by pointer type (e.g. the unverifiable System.String constructors accepting byte pointers) to be resolved correctly.

  • Fixed installation on Visual Studio .NET 2003.

  • Deleted the WINEXE option on the Visual Studio property pages

  • Adjusted the title of the 'general flags' field of the Visual Studio property pages

  • Fixed generation of links in HTML documentation

  • Fixed informal language specification of IEvent, IDelegateEvent and IHandlerEvent.

  • User generated HTML documentation automatically links to http://research.microsoft.com/fsharp/... for types in the F# library (it already links to the corresponding MSDN documentation for types in the .NET Framework libraries 

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