Apress Editor Looking for F# Authors

Jim Huddleston at Apress has been looking into F# and has very much liked what he's seen.  He's interested in publishing books and articles on F# and functional programming - a great opportunity to use your new-found F# skills to earn some money!  Here's the message he sent recently to the F# mailing list:

I'm Jim Huddleston, an editor with Apress.

Don Syme has kindly encouraged me to alert all list members that Apress is very interested in book and article ideas on F# and functional programming.

I'm personally very excited by F# and believe that it will lead to widespread adoption of new and better ways to write programs and build systems.

If you'd like to write about F# or related technology, please contact me at jhuddleston@apress.com.



Jim has also been going over the F# website, informal language specification and manual, sending us reports of a bunch of typos - thanks Jim!


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