F# 1.1.5 now available

I'm glad to announce that F# is now available for download from Microsoft Research.  This release contains a mix of new features and bug fixes, at least some of which will be useful to nearly all F# users.  The highlights are as follows:

·         Intellisense Interactive XMLDoc Help.   

·         VS 2005 RTM support. 

·         Major correctness and performance improvements to F# Interactive (fsi.exe).   

·         64-bit support.  F# compiler, F# Interactive and F# for Visual Studio now run correctly on x64 and ia64 machines.   

·         Matrix Library

·         Named arguments for attributes.

·         Abstract properties and properties in interfaces (missing from last release)

·         Compositional, Customizable Structured Printing. An approach to user-definable structured display of terms has been implemented in this release.

·         Bug Fixes.

As usual the detailed release notes and known issues are on a separate page.  These actually correct some badly formatted HTML in the change list in the README in the distribution, so you should consult these instead of that change list. 


(Note - new documentation for the F# library will soon be hosted on research.microsoft.com)


Have fun!

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