F# now available

A second candidate release of F# 1.1 is now available (version  This is primarily a bug-fix release.  A more detailed release announcement is also available.


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  1. leon says:

    Hi Don. I was reading "{End Bracket} Experimenting with F#" at lunch, where you said:

    "Math-oriented implies several things, among them… avoiding mutation-oriented programming except where truly needed. These are precisely the concerns of "functional" programming languages"

    In case "mutation-oriented" meant something more than a synonym for ‘spaghettic-coding’ I went online to search for "mutation-oriented programming" — but the only link was the online version of your article (http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/05/07/EndBracket/)

    I’m wondering, what is meant by "mutation-oriented programming"? (i did a thesis on genetic algorithms… which certainly involved a form of programmatic mutation…)



    p.s. ‘type inference’ is like a sleeping giant of an idea… i love it. And keep up the good work on F#.

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