Video: Testing F# code with NUnit (Screen cast)

Dominic Cooney has just produced a screen cast on Testing F# code with NUnit . There is something in this for everyone: you get to see some .NET details, a taster of F# code, the new F# Interactive toplevel environment, the F# Visual Studio integration, and the synergistic effects of the .NET platform (a testing tool written for an OO language can be reused for a functional language - the same applies to debuggers, profilers and more). Highly recommended!

Comments (4)

  1. I can’t watch this video with MS’ Windows Media Player on a Mac. Could you encode it so that Mac users have a chance to see it?

  2. Diego says:

    Amazing! I do really feel curious learning functional languages like this, ’cause I’m used to imperative ones.

    Here’s my proposal: what about a series of little (like this one) video tutorials on F# and functional programming?

    I guess videos will enhance interests around this barely know (to the mass) world, and will spread the wings to F# indeed!

  3. F# is new for me.But i am exited about it.

  4. the link no longer works… kinda wish I could find this.

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