How to join the F# mailing list

Blogging is great, but there is still a place in the world for email lists 🙂  So this is just a reminder that you can join the F# email list at  That's also the place to go to manage your subscription.  The list is a forum to ask questions, report bugs and raise design issues.  Of course you can do that here as well 🙂

A minor update to F# was released today, fixing some of the known issues mentioned in the release announcement, mostly related to VS 2003.  If you're having problems getting it to install let me know.  I also updated the advanced section of the F# manual with a section on array compatibility when using F# in conjunction with .NET 1.x, but I'll return to that topic in more detail in a later post.


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  1. I have search high and low for an archive for the F# mailing list to avoid asking redundant questions but without any luck. Is there any chance and archive could be established?

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