Some more F# intellisense screenshots

Here's a little picture gallery of intellisense screenshots from the newly released F# 1.0.1. For example, CodeTips help you see the types that are inferred for F# and .NET identifiers.

This one shows some Intellisense functionality: pressing Ctrl-J brings up a selection of name-completions for the current position.

Here you can see that the environment scales well to large projects - this is Abstract IL, ILX and the F# compiler itself being edited inside Visual Studio. I find the VS integration extremely productive when working on these components, especially the on-the-fly typechecking.

Here's a screenshot showing a type error being reported on-the-fly. Files are checked in the context of other files in the project.

And here's a fun new feature: pattern match hints, triggered by pressing the '|' key. Note how the patterns displayed are be chosen according to the inferred type of the expression being matched. If no type can be inferred the all pattern constructors in scope are be displayed. Further refinements may eventually be added, e.g. refining the patterns according to the patterns already dealt with by earlier code.


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