Chinese Chess in F#

Well, I’m amazed.  Out of the blue comes an implementation of Chinese Chess written in 2000 lines of F# by Đinh Thi Thuy Nga and Nguyen Van Thien from the Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City. And boy, what an implementation!  This thing is functionality-wise awesome: sound, animations, AI, help, multiple piece sets (western, and…


F# 1.1.5 detailed release notes

Here are the detailed release notes for F#  (Note – new documentation for the F# library will soon be hosted on Description Intellisense Interactive XMLDoc Help.   XMLDoc help for C# and VB libraries such as mscorlib.dll, System.dll and DirectX libraries is now shown interactively in Intellisense dropdown menus and balloon help, just as…


F# 1.1.5 now available

I’m glad to announce that F# is now available for download from Microsoft Research.  This release contains a mix of new features and bug fixes, at least some of which will be useful to nearly all F# users.  The highlights are as follows: ·         Intellisense Interactive XMLDoc Help.    ·         VS 2005 RTM support.  ·        …


JunGL: Implemented in F#

I just noticed that Mathieu Verbaere, Ran Ettinger and Oege de Moor at the University of Oxford have been using F# to implement JunGL, a Scripting Language for Refactoring (paper submitted to ICSE’06).  It is really fantastic to see a top-rate research team getting on with using F# for interesting projects.  I also notice that their…

F# now available (for VS2005 RTM and Beta2, also VS2003)

F# has been availalbe for some time now – this wraps up a number of bug fixes, especially for F# Interactive, the toplevel interactive mode (fsi.exe).  This release is suitable for use with the final version of VS2005, which has recently been released.  We’re also nearing a follow up F# 1.1.4 release, which will include XMLDoc…

Detailed announcement for F#

Here are the detailed release notes for F# Attributes. Specification clarifications for attributes. Attributes now give warnings when used inappropriately. Attributes can now be referenced with or without the Attribute suffix, e.g. [<Obsolete(“this function is obsolete”)>] or [<ObsoleteAttribute(“this function is obsolete”)>]. Compilation Speed Optimizations. Improved compilation speeds, especially when using the –standalone flag. VS…


F# now available

A second candidate release of F# 1.1 is now available (version  This is primarily a bug-fix release.  A more detailed release announcement is also available.  


Some praise for F#

F# hits the mark.

Video: Testing F# code with NUnit (Screen cast)

Dominic Cooney has just produced a screen cast on Testing F# code with NUnit . There is something in this for everyone: you get to see some .NET details, a taster of F# code, the new F# Interactive toplevel environment, the F# Visual Studio integration, and the synergistic effects of the .NET platform (a testing…


F# 1.1 Candidate Release now available! "F# Interactive", OO Abstractions and more

I’m pleased to announce that the first candidate release of F# 1.1 is now available from the Microsoft Research downloads page.  This is build  We hope you enjoy it!   A big thanks to James, who has been working very hard on this, and also Stephen, Dominic and Paul who have helped with the design of the…