An update

It’s been a while since I blogged regularly.  What happened!? I got a Twitter account, and use it all the time. I also got a Facebook account, it’s personal but I use it too much The Visual F# Tools Blog and then the .NET blog are now major means of communication about F# work at Microsoft Just…


Distinguished Paper Award at PLDI 2016

I’m pleased to report that our paper Types from data: Making structured data first-class citizens in F# won a Distinguished Paper award at PLDI 2016 in Santa Barbara. The paper also has a page on Tomas Petricek’s blog.       The .NET and Managed Languages team have been a huge part of making F#…


An open letter about the terms "F#" and "Visual F#"

[ The opinions here are entirely my own etc etc. ] Dear World, With regard to this InfoQ article…  I’ve said this a few times before, but please use the terminology “Visual F#” or “The F# Tools for Visual Studio” when talking about F# at Microsoft. And somehow make sure people reporting on an event do the…


RSDE positions at Microsoft Research, Cambridge

Microsoft Research is looking for development engineers in Cambridge, UK!  Applications now open! Microsoft Research has been working in Cambridge for 17 years to advance the state of the art in Computer Science and to feed the best of technology into Microsoft’s products.  Today around 200 staff work at our centrally positioned lab, in the…


Latest Developments in General Purpose GPU Programming with F#

Starting with our experiments with integrating General Purpose GPU programming into F# at Microsoft Research, I’ve been watching the evolution of F# as a GPGPU programming platform. Over time, GPGPU programming with F# has become both more professionalized, and much more broad spectrum (including CUDA, OpenCL and other options). Some latest developments in this area have…


F# on Android – Experience Report

Faisal Waris has published a very interesting Experience Report on using F# on Android with the Xamarin tools. It is fabulous to again see independent confirmation of the value of F# in the mobile computing space. TL;DR: F# and Xamarin triumphed. I can’t imagine writing such a complex mobile app in another language. Instead of…


PhD/Masters-level Internship Positions at Microsoft Research, Cambridge

Microsoft Research are accepting applications for internships at our research lab in Cambridge, UK, for internships in Summer 2014. Applicants must currently be pursuing a Masters or PhD in Computer Science. More details on applying can be found here: This year, I personally am particularly interested in sponsoring internship applications in one or more of…


Applications for Researcher and Postdoc positions at Microsoft Research

Would you like to work as a postdoc or a researcher at Microsoft Research, Cambridge? Whetehr in the F# team, the Programming Principles and Tools group more generally, or as agent-at-large across all of Microsoft Research?  We’re starting to collect formal applications, and to schedule interviews for researcher and postdoc positions at Microsoft Research, in…


Slides for "Succeeding with Functional-First Programming in Finance"

At NDC Oslo, F# in Finance and other recent events I’ve given versions of the talk “Succeeding with Functional-First Programming in Finance”. I’ve also given adaptions called “Succeeding with Functional-First Programming in Industry”.   The slides are now available on Slide Share. The talk is based partly on material from and other sources, I’d be happy…


Slides for "Making Magic with F# Type Providers" at NDC London

  Yesterday I gave a talk at NDC London 2013 called “Making Magic with F# Type Providers” Here are my slides : The raw PPTX is also attached further below.     data-type-providers-fsharp.pptx