Make Device Emulator connected to Internet

This a post about how we can surf the Internet on Device Emulator. I do a little summary and hope the information below is helpful. Download the Windows Mobile SDK first, you can download the needed version SDK from Microsoft Download Center. 1. Virtual Machine Network Services Make sure Virtual Machine Network Services is installed…


How to copy files to Windows Mobile device

When I first used Windows Mobile device, I just wonder how I could copy files to this small device. It is really a annoying thing. I think many beginners may have the same experience. At this post, I just make a little summary about different ways of copy files to WM device.   1. Storage…


Make Device Emulator and Cellular Emulator connected

Cellular Emulator is a very useful tool to simulate the phone functions. Then how to connect it with device emulator? Here we go!   1. Install the Windows Mobile 6 SDK, you can download it from 2. Launch the Cellular Emulator and Device Emulator. 3. Double check the Cellular Emulator and remember the string…


Getting Start with Windows Phone 7

Hello everybody! Now here we come Windows Phone 7! This post list some useful resources for all WPers. Enjoy!   Windows Phone 7 Series:  Go! Windows Phone for Developers:  Go! Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP:  Go! Windows Phone 7 Training Kit for Developers:  Go! OData Client Library for Windows Phone 7 Series CTP:  Go!  …


How to capture network traffic on Windows Embedded CE 6.0

As we know, when we investigate network related issues, we can capture the network monitor log on PC side. Just as Emma said here. But on CE side, we also have a tool to capture the network traffic. People can use this tool to capture the network traffic on CE side and copy the log…


How to capture a Process Monitor trace

When working with Microsoft technical support on a service request, you might be asked to capture a Process Monitor(ProcMon)  trace. Process monitor can capture real-time file system, registry and process/thread activity, including the target object path, the access type, the name of the process that takes the action and its identity, the operation result, etc….


How to capture network traffic with Microsoft Network Monitor

When investigating network related problems, you can use Microsoft Network Monitor tool to capture, view and analyze network traffic. It is a powerful protocol analyzer.  This post is based on the latest release : Network Monitor 3.3. Download the tool from here , install it on the machine that you want to run the capture—it…