Swallowing SEH Exceptions is EVIL!

This case was a good case-in-point of why crashing can sometimes be a good thing – at least it helps you find and fix your bugs! This issue was reported as ‘my application just randomly disappears’.  We had the developer run this app under procdump with unhandled exceptions being caught – ‘procdump -ma -e Test.exe’….


MFC app main window activation/deactivation painting issue

To reproduce this issue please follow these steps… Enable a non-Aero theme like Windows 7 Basic theme Create a new MFC application. Please make sure you’ve selected “Windows 7” for visual style and colors. Also you might notice that the issue is only reproducible when the application runs for the first time on a machine….


Visual Studio 2008 crashes if you have a high number of parallel builds

If you are facing a similar situation as titled please know that its a known issue with Visual Studio 2008 and its fixed in Visual Studio 2010. We can quantify high number of parallel builds as 4 or more. We just had a customer who was facing this crash for a long time and he…


AfxBeginThread fails to create thread on Windows XP

How can AfxBeginThread fail when there are plenty of resources available and the application is a multi threaded one. That’s what I thought when I saw this issue from a customer. I went and read the documentation for AfxBeginThread and I didn’t see anything unusual that customer is doing. He also mentioned that CreateThread fails…


Having common intermediate directory causes all project targets to be deleted

While debugging one of my customers’ scenarios, we came across an interesting issue were if we ‘rebuild’ the application we get a warning for a missing file, and for the same application when we ‘build’ everything works fine. All this occurs only in VS2010 and not in the earlier versions of Visual Studio. To understand…

Output from Exec task resulting in build failure

[Notice: This blog is based on Visual Studio 2010 SP1] One of our customers sometime back came to us with a strange issue. They were facing the following error as shown in below screenshot… The source of the error was from an MSBuild task they had. This is how the task looks…<snip>…  <Target Name=”SomeTask” AfterTargets=”Build”>  …