Login problem with Visual Studio 2013 due to issues with JSON dll

Irfan Ahmed, Senior Support Escalation, brings us his experience while working with one of his customers, in the below mentioned amazing post. In recent past I come across an issue where is customer login to Visual Studio 2013, he gets the following error. Method not found ‘Void Newtonsoft.Json.Serialization.JsonDictionaryContract.set_PropertyNameResolver (System.Func\2<System.String.System.Strings>)’ Customer does have have JSON dll…


Debugging a linker error: error LNK2019

I am back with one of the classic roadblocks on your way up to development . Linker errors! Well some times these can turn out to be time consuming. Although I am going to discuss one of the scenarios that we worked on, the below can apply to most of the linker issues at least…


Issues with the comctl32 V5

  Irfan Ahmed, Senior Support Escalation Engineer brings this valuable knowledge to us. Recently, he was working on an issue where WPF application was crashing while showing the WPF PrintDialog and OS language set to local language for an example,Hebrew. The same application was working fine with English OS. Following is the sample code and…


Issues in loading the current configuration file by .NET 2.0 application

Irfan Ahmed, Senior Support Escalation Engineer, recently was working on an issue where application was not loading the current configuration file. The application was developed on .NET 2.0 and working fine for some years now on different operating systems including Windows 8.0. When the same application was deployed on Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012…


Using Msbuild to build Windows Store Application without signing the AppxPackage

The msdn article provides you an efficient way to build your windows store applications using MSbuild. There are times when you will require Appxpackage not to be signed , rather to be signed by some one else. Visual Studio internally uses msbuild to build applications . MakeAppx.exe and Signtool are used to create appxpackages and to sign it….


The Pinvoke Diary: How to send a triple pointer to a native world from c#

We are back again with a new pinvoke scenario. In the recent days I had the opportunity to work with one of our clients who was trying to utilize a native library in his .net application and was failing to do so, as his application was crashing due to marshaling issues. As you have seen…


Visual Studio Debugging issue

Nitin Dhawan, Senior Support Engineer, shares his experience from one of his unique cases which will be of immense benefit for other customers who are struggling with similar issues. Here goes the problem description as provided below:   Recently a customer had reported that debugging in Visual Studio 2012 is failing with a dialog message…


A peek into a performance issue of a .net assembely

Performance issues are are quite tricky and might require effort to debug , albeit we have many coding practices in place to avoid such issues it might turn out to be a completely different case which may or may not be in our control. We were recently approached by one of our partners regarding a performance issue during start…


The Curious Case of BOOTUP_EXCEPTION_COMPLUS (0xC0020001) with mixed mode

0xC0020001 known as BOOTUP_EXCEPTION_COMPLUS ,you may see an exception with this code, or an HRESULT of this value, when trying to call into managed code.  This can happen if you call in before the runtime(clr) has finished initializing, or after the runtime has started shutting down.Please refer cbrumme’s blog for more info. Al though we have it…