Unable to code sign appx package in Visual Studio: A look at build process and certificate issues.

It all started with issues in code signing. My client was using Signtool to sign his package and they were getting bunch of errors. The below screen grab shows us the errors. Errors like MakeAppx failed to extract Appx to App.Windows10_0.0.2.0_ARM Ensure AppxManifest and signing cert Publishers name match.. Get-Content:Cannot find path ‘C:\Temp\APPXOutput\App…\AppxManifest.xml’ because it does…


How to get line numbers in your code for specific events, viz., exception?

One of my clients came up with a requirement to track down the line of the code immediately when the exception is thrown, note that this is ‘without the use of the debuggers’. My research led me to lot of questions online about this and hence I am trying to write a succinct blog about what…

Swallowing SEH Exceptions is EVIL!

This case was a good case-in-point of why crashing can sometimes be a good thing – at least it helps you find and fix your bugs! This issue was reported as ‘my application just randomly disappears’.  We had the developer run this app under procdump with unhandled exceptions being caught – ‘procdump -ma -e Test.exe’….