After changing the area path cannot run the tests from test manager



After changing the area path when trying to run tests from test manager, the following error is produced :

You cannot run the selected test. The structure path Team Project Collection/ Project(e.g. for an instance in this case,Blemain.Net IT Projects\RFC508 September is not valid. The following is the detailed description with screenshots:

  • When trying to run tests from test manager, the following error is produced (this was not the case prior to today, no errors were encountered when running tests):

 The area path of the test is as follows (when viewing this through team viewer/visual studio, this appears correct):


  • When tbl_area (Tfs_ProjectCollection database) is queried, the area path says “Blemain.Net IT Projects\RFC518 Building Insurance Renewal Letters508 September Service Pack”.


  • The RFC518 Buildings Insurance Renewal letters area path is a new one that was added today (standard visual studio/team viewer –Add areas and iterations).


  • Key things noted, all 20 odd areas that have been updated to say “RFC518 Buildings Insurance renewal letters” within the area path all have the same ‘SequenceID’ within tbl_area.


  • There are some unaffected areas e.g.:


  • If the test case is updated to use this area (that is not impacted by the concatenated name issue), it can be run successfully.




Please find the steps below to force re-sync all CSS info:


To force sync again, the following steps are needed.

    1. Take backup of the following tables just in case

    1. tbl_Replication
    2. tbl_Area
    3. tbl_Iteration
    4. tbl_Project


    2. Stop the application tier (iisreset /stop)

      3. Run the following query against the project collection database

        UPDATE tbl_replication SET CssSequenceId=0

      4. Start the application tier (iisreset /start) or AppPool start. In case it works, it would be good if you can share the above 4 tables before and after re-sync to help understand the issue better.

                 As you can see, there is a small downtime for the AT, so you need to plan accordingly. Also, if there are multiple AT’s, all of them need to be restarted.


      Content developed by: Nitish Nagpal
      Content reviewed by: Teodora Stanev

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      1. For one of my customer, I had to do one more additional step to make this work. The step was to delete the work item cache from the server which is typically located at "C:WindowsServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppDataLocalMicrosoftTeam Foundation4.0". We did this step before the above mentioned step 3rd where we are resetting the sequenceId to 0.

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