How to avoid 4-part naming to linked server to an Oracle database in SQL Server while using DBPro



1.  You have set up a linked server to an Oracle database in SQL Server

2.  You have created a synonym for an Object from the Linked Server    

          CREATE SYNONYM [dbo].[SynonymProducts] 

   FOR [Oracle_DATABASE]..[PRODRHDW].[Products]

3.  Attempt to access the synonym:

Create View [dbo].[ViewProducts]
AS SELECT * FROM SynonymProducts

causes - TSD03006: unresolved reference errors. As expected DBPro fails to resolve the reference to the linked server.



Linked servers for Oracle are not supported in the SQL DBPro Project.



You can work around this by recreating the synonym in the post deployment script.


To modify the post-deployment script


1.  In Solution Explorer, expand your database project to display the Scripts folder.

2.  Expand the Scripts folder so that the Post-deployment subfolder appears.

3.  Expand the Post-deployment subfolder, and click the script.postdeployment.sql file.

4.  On the View menu, click Open.

The Transact-SQL (T-SQL) editor opens, displaying the contents of the script.postdeployment.sql file.

For information about SQLCMD mode and how to include your own scripts as part of the post-deployment script,

see Editing SQLCMD Scripts in the Transact-SQL Editor.

Included scripts are executed in the order in which you include them, so you can control the running order of your

post-deployment scripts by including them in a specific order.

Add your script in the file

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