Troubleshooting Team Foundation Server connection problems with Fiddler

Chris Cooper comes to us today with the story of a TF server, a client, and the Fiddler who saved the day…. –Trev ———————————————————– The other day I had a customer that had the dreaded Red-X on his documents node for one of his Team Projects in Team Explorer. The rest of the Team Projects…


Troubleshooting Team Foundation Server – an MSDN Resource

Short and sweet today… next time you are looking for tips on troubleshooting a TFS issue, look in on this site: Some great info there! -Trev   Technorati Tags: Troubleshooting Team Foundation Server


Before calling TFS support… ideas and information to collect

Often when people call TFS support the first thing we do is have them list off pertinent information about their setup. In my case, that line of questioning takes the form of this template: Before we get started, please gather the following information for me: (1) What exact version of TFS are you using (complete…


“Red-X” on Work Items folder in Team Explorer

Manoj brings us another of his troubleshooting tidbits. This time around it’s Red-C on Work Items… an admittedly rare occurrence when compared to the much more prevalent Red-X on Documents and/or Reports, but it does happen some times… so Manoj is here to help. 🙂   What do you do if you see a Red-X…