Set Service Hooks permissions on existing projects” is failing with “ExtensionNotFound”

I worked with a customer who complained that after an upgrade from TFS 2013 update 2 to TFS 2017 he sees the following errors in the job history:

“Set Service Hooks permissions on existing projects” is failing with “ExtensionNotFound”.

I came to know that the job was from the period where long running servicing was performed in a job, and the job disables itself after running successfully.  The function of the job is now performed by a servicing step in TFS 2017 U1.  The loss of functionality provided by this job was discovered during a post-2017RTM upgrade and added back to TFS 2017 U1 as a servicing step.

TFS 2013 -> TFS 2017 U1 (job will never be created.  Functionality previously performed by the job is now provided via a servicing step).

TFS 2013 -> TFS 2017.   (has the problem reported here.  Job continually fails ☹)

TFS 2013 -> TFS 2015.   (job runs and is disabled after running once.  Perhaps the job definition is removed by a cleanup job – I’m not sure about that)

TFS 2015 -> TFS 2017.   (job already ran with TFS 2015 and was disabled with 2015, no need to run again).


For now if any customer complains about this issue ask them either just to ignore this failure or disable this job by executing

UPDATE  tbl_JobDefinition

SET     EnabledState = 2

WHERE   JobId = '6653A70B-1A47-4FB6-83F1-3C9781F0DCA9'

AND PartitionId = 1

in all collection databases.

Written by: Nitish Nagpal, Support Escalation Engineer

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  1. Andreas says:

    the same here with tfs 2017 update 1

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