Team Foundation Server 2015 V-next build hangs and does not start

Deepak Kumar Mishra, Support Engineer, EMEA TFS Team, brings this knowledge experience while working with one of his customers on TFS 2015 V-next builds which might help a lot of users save their precious time.


TFS V-next build hangs and does not start and we get stuck in the following screen:

 On troubleshooting I found the following errors in Application event logs:

 ds:xxxxxdb:Tfs_GlobalConfiguration Msg:4060 Level:11 State:1 LineNumber:65536
Errors:4060;18456; Exception:Cannot open database
"Tfs_lConfiguration" requested by the login. The login failed.Login failed for user ‘Dom\deir$'. Command:EXEC prc_GetServiceVersion
SProcs:;; Messages:Cannot open database "Tfs_GlobalConfiguration"
requested by the login. The login failed.;Login failed for user ‘Dom\deir$'.;

 Cause and Resolution:

The error clearly shows that there is a login issue which is causing this. I checked and found that Visual studio job agent was running with local account. I changed the account to domain service account and this solved the issue in this case.


This issue can also occur due to customizations and also while using sonar with builds. Suggestion will be to try the builds with default configurations and that helps in getting past this issue.The major challenge is we do not get logs in the vso build agent folder under work and diag as the build never starts. In that case the application event logs is a good source of some useful information which is how I got a resolution in the mentioned issue here.


Written by: Deepak Kumar Mishra, Support Engineer

Reviewed by: Nitish Nagpal, Support Escalation Engineer

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