Client add-in Capture Trace

  1. Copy the following contents to a config file and name it as Excel.Exe.Config (for TFS Excel Add-In) or WinProj.exe.config (for TFS Project Add-in), or Powerpnt.exe.config (for TFS PowerPoint Add-In). 

<?xml version ="1.0"?> 



    <trace autoflush="true" indentsize="4"> 


        <add name="myListener" type="System.Diagnostics.TextWriterTraceListener" 

         initializeData="c:\Logs\Excel.log" /> 




      <add name="General" value="4" /> 




  1. Copy this config file to the folder where Excel.exe/WinProj.exe is installed (typically this will be Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 or Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 or Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15) . On Vista if UAC is turned on then you won't be able to save a file under Program Files. So save this file under some other folder (say %temp%) and copy this file to Office install directory under Program Files  

  2. Close and re-launch Excel or WinProj or PowerPoint 

  3. Re-try your scenario. For Excel trace information will be added to %temp%\tfs_msexcel.log and for MSProject it will added to %temp%\tfs_msproject.log, and for PowerPoint it will be added to %temp%\tfs_msppt.log 

 Note: This is very important to capture whenever we have seeing TFS/Project Server and excel integration issues. Please collect this data and send it to support team. You can also look into the information as data is quite verbose to troubleshoot the issue on your own

Written by: Nitish Nagpal, Support Escalation Engineer

Reviewed and approved by: TFS/Project Server Integration Product Team

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