VC++ build failure after migration from TFS 2010 to 2012 if you have enabled code analysis

Follow comes from Deepak Mittal   Problem Description: After migration from 2010 to 2012 of VC++ projects and using Team Build 2012, if you have enabled code analysis, build might fail as it will consider warnings as error: Error message in the log: Code analysis warning C6340 being treated as an error C2220 Resolution: This…


TFS Workitem Customization Lync Conference – December 20, 2013 4PM – 5:30PM IST

        TFS Workitem Customization December 20, 2013 4PM – 5:30PM IST Click here to calculate your local time. Presented By:  Chandra Sekhar – Microsoft   Session Overview:   This session will cover the following topics:    TFS Workitem Customization concept.      Demo           Level: 100 – 200   Join the…


TFS Version Control Lync Conference- December 16th, 2013 4PM – 5:30PM IST

      TFS Version Control December 16th, 2013 4PM – 5:30PM IST Click here to calculate your local time. Presented By:  Nitish Nagpal – Microsoft   Session Overview:  This session will cover the following topics:    TFS Version Control.   Demo Level: 100 – 200   Join the Conference: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Join Lync Meeting      Join…


Visual Studio Surveys on the Visual Studio BLOG

We’re running some surveys on Visual Studio to collect feedback for our next release cycle.  We’d appreciate your feedback: Visual Studio 2012 Updates Survey  Visual Studio 2013 Survey


"Pending Changes” and “Source Control Explorer” missing from Team Explorer in Visual Studio 2013

This week I had a customer connected to Visual Studio Online using VS 2013 Pro, but all he had in TE were “Work Items”, “Builds”, and “Settings”. He was missing “Pending Changes” and “Source Control Explorer”.  Connecting to the same account using the same version of VS as the same user, just from another machine… he saw…


Talk on TFS Integration tool kit, Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 09:30:00 UTC

Talk on TFS Integration tool kit October 23, 20133PM – 4:30PM Indian Standard Time Click here to calculate your local time. Presented By:  Vimal Thiagaraj – Microsoft Session Overview: This session will cover the following topics: –  Introduction on TFS Integration toolkit –  Features of toolkit. –  Demo         Level: 100 – 200  Please find an iCalendar file attached below.  …


Connection issues from XCode 5 to TFS 2013 RC

I worked a very interesting case this week with a customer using XCode 5 (5A1413) on a Mac (OS X 10.8.5). He was seeing XCode hang indefinitely when trying to connect to a Git repo living on a TFS 2013 RC machine (domain joined). To make matters worse he said that this was actually hanging…


Cannot add new build templates or create team projects on TFS 2010 because of error ‘The File Exists’

The following tale from the support lines comes to us today from Premal Ghelashah. Recently I was working on an issue where we were facing problems registering new build templates. The error message said that “The File exists”. We were facing this issue while adding templates by any name.   We were also facing issues…


Not able to open a history version of an Excel workbook directly from TFS-connected SharePoint portal

Following experience comes from Nitish Nagpal.   Customer reported they kept getting strange error messages when trying to open Excel files from the version history in SharePoint that has a TFS connection. Specs: • SharePoint 2010 Foundation• TFS 2010 (and as well 2012 on a test server)• Office 2010  (and 2007, which does not have this error)…


Determining Process Template of an existing Team Project in TFS 2012

Following comes to us from Premal Ghelashah:   I have always had difficulty in identifying the process template used to create a team project. One way is to go to Portal settings for the team project. There will be a process guidance document which will have information related to the process template used to create the Team Project,…