What to do if you delete files or folders outside Team Explorer/Visual Studio 2010 from your local folder

Following comes from Senior Support Engineer Nitish Nagpal.



This is most common when you are initially learning Team Foundation Server, or if you are doing a lot of changes outside of the IDE. If you delete fi les from your local file system outside the Visual Studio IDE and then you try to do a Get Latest for those files in solution explorer, you will see the following message:

Source Control Explorer
All files are up to date.
No files were updated because the requested file versions were previously downloaded.

To force an update, use the "Get Specific Version Command" with the "Overwrite all.." option checked


Since Team foundation server tracks everything through workspace, this will be the expected message



The following suggestion can help you get your workspace back into a state that is more understandable  

Get Specific, Force Overwrite, Force Get
The Get Specific Version dialog has options to “Overwrite writable files that are not checked out” and “ Overwrite all files even if the local version matches the specified version. ” These two options can help you if you have been editing fi les outside of Visual Studio 2010 and you want to replace them with the server version.

The default behavior when doing a Get is to warn you when you attempt to download a new version of a fi le that is writable locally, and not to download it. This is to prevent overwriting of changes that you may have made locally and wanted to keep.

If you force a Get, you will download all files again, even if the server thinks you already have a copy in your workspace. This allows you to recover from the situation where you have deleted a file locally, but have not told Team Foundation Server, and so it will normally not send the file to you when you perform a Get because it thinks you have it.

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  1. Matt Ring says:

    Note: If you intentionally want to clean up your local workspace and just update TFS, you can use the "Get Changeset 1" workaround (hack) instead.

    This is detailed a little more here: http://www.theringworx.com/blog

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