Team Foundation Server Administration Tool 1.4 Released

Ladislau Szomoru brings us today’s post about the Team Foundation Server Administration Tool 1.4, which was released on CodePlex on April 26, 2009.

Many of you reading this are responsible for administration of a TF server - maybe more than one - and you’ve probably used the Team Foundation Server Admin Tool from CodePlex to help you do that. The TFS Admin Tool (not to be confused with the TFS Server Manager, which is part of the  TFS Power Tools), allows TFS admins to…

“…quickly add users to all three platforms utilized by Team Foundation Server: Team Foundation Server, Sharepoint, and SQL Reporting Services, all through one common interface. The tool also allows administrators to change the current permissions on any of the three tiers, identify any errors, and view all of the users and their permission sets across Team Foundation Server, Sharepoint, and SQL Reporting Services.”

If you have been using the TFS Admin Tool, I am sure you have noticed that there hasn’t been much progress on it for some time. The good news is that as Brian Harry mentioned on his blog, an MVP, Michael Ruminer, has volunteered to drive a community effort to keep the tool up to date.

Version 1.4 is the first community release of the tool, and apart from many bug fixes, the tool has been updated to work with SQL Server 2008. If you have used previous versions of the tool I highly recommend you download the latest version of the tool from Codeplex. In case you run into any issues please make sure you create a work item.

Having released version 1.4 of the tool, the team is now starting to work on the next release of the tool. The team already has a long list of features that they would like to implement but in case you any feature request please post a work item. That will help the team prioritize the features.

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  1. Before setting up my own blog, I have been posting on the Developer Support Team Foundation Server blog.

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