Update to our Team Foundation Server 2008 for HTTPS / SSL Document

Back in October 2008 we posted an update to the “Walkthrough: Setting up Team Foundation Server to Require HTTPS and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)” which is located on MSDN. Well, Wendell Philips has updated that document again and I am posting the update here (as well as updating the attachment on the Oct. 2008 post). Wendell tells me…

“There are a couple of updates to the TFS2008 SSL walk-through documentation that we have posted here.  The changes are in the section titled “Configuring a Build Agent for SSL Connections”,

One change is to the type of certificate to use for the Build Server Service.  The previous instructions incorrectly indicated to use a Client Authentication” certificate.  This was corrected to a “Server Authentication” certificate.

There were also some changes to the “httpcfg” and “wcfhttpconfig” command parameters, an example command was added and additional references are included.  Be careful with some of these additional references though as the same certificate type error mentioned above was present in one of the referenced articles as noted in the updated doc.”

As always, enjoy, and please… let us know if you have any suggestions/additions/changes/etc. as you work through the process (via the comments on this BLOG).


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