CSS TFS Monthly HOTFIX / Content Report – October 2008

We have a monthly post on our BLOG which lists the following for the previous month...

  • TFS HOTFIXs released by the product group
  • TFS knowledge base articles published
  • TFS HOTFIXs posted to MSDN Code Gallery

So, here we go for October 2008…

HOTFIXs Released

  • 948816 – “FIX: You receive an MSB4018 error message when you run a .loadtest file or a .webtest file by using test containers on a Team Foundation Server 2008 Build server”

TFS Knowledge Base Articles Published

  • 958450 - “User need to authenticate to access to Team Foundation Server Web Access”
  • 959339 – “Could not Connect to TFS after remove and re-install .Net Framework 2.0”
  • 959375 – “How to change the Default Web Site port on a Team Foundation Server 2008 Application Tier Machine” (by yours truly <g>)
  • 959126 – “Team Foundation Server 2008 SP1 TfsAdminUtil.exe 'ConfigureConnections' fails to properly set ReportServerUri” (also mine).
  • 959055 - “Users in custom Team Foundation Server Project-Level Group are unable to add, edit, or access Work Items”
  • 957969 – “"Object reference not set to an instance of an object" accessing Active Directory information from TFS Source Control Explorer”
  • 958800 - “How to upgrade Team foundation Server 2008 from workgroup to Volume license”
  • 958433 – “TF30207: Initialization for plugin Microsoft.ProjectCreationWizard.WorkItemTracking" failed”
  • 958365 -  “Team Foundation Server Publishers do not have browse permission to reports by default”

TFS HOTFIXs Posted to MSDN Code Gallery


Trevor Hancock

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  1. David says:

    We just loaded this product TFS Data Manager from http://www.onepulse.com.  We asked for some feature enhancements.  Have any of you used it?  

    OnePulse seems to be looking for input on that next features.

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