Sticky Mouse in Windows Server 2008 & Vista Hyper-V VPCs!

If you’re a regular reader you already know that I use virtualization a lot in my daily work with TFS and customers – it’s great for reproducing issues without hosing up your server (rollback to a snapshot). Anyway, one thing I noticed with VPCs running Windows Server 2008 (WS2K8) and Vista which I bring up inside Hyper-V is that, despite the fact that the Hyper-V Integration Services is supposed to be already included on WS2K8 machines (or I have already installed it on Vista), my mouse still gets “stuck” in it, as if the Integration Services have yet to be installed! If you are seeing this and open Device Manager on the VPC you may also see a yellow exclamation point on the VM Bus.

Turns out this is a known issue and one that is covered here. A simple mouse click in MSCONFIG and a reboot of the VPC has fixed the issue three times for me now on three different WS2K8 / Vista VPCs. Hope this helps you too if you’re encountering this little annoyance.

Trevor Hancock

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  1. Wow Trevor,  Thanks for the tip.  That’s extremely helpful.

    Ed B.

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