How a .Net application loads a .Net COM class

In .NET COM, do you know how AppDomain::LoadCOMClass() works? In CLR 4.0, it’s clr!AppDomain::LoadCOMClass() In .NET 2.0, it’s mscorwks!AppDomain::LoadCOMClass() In 2.0 & 4.0 (or above) it first checks the shim info which is retrieving the class name and other information associated with a given GUID in a component’s manifest. This is done by calling SxsLookupClrGuid….

COM+ application recycling

Clarifying answers to some questions. -is there any know issues with application recycling, especially on memory limit?   General Information ================ Application recycling works by creating a duplicate of the Dllhost process associated with an application. This duplicate Dllhost process services all future object requests, which leaves the old Dllhost to finish servicing the remaining…