Additional details on AF CU8 release

The latest version of AF 1.1 CU (cumulative update) 8 was released on 12/7/2016, and available on The detailed hotfix information is listed on


It has fix for the following three types of issues:

1.      Fixed a memory leak that occurs in specific scenarios. When a dependent service of AppFabric is unresponsive, this results in undisposed objects that accumulate over time. This issue is more noticeable in scenarios where the dependent services have regularly scheduled downtimes that aren't synchronized with the AppFabric server’s downtime. 

2.      Fixed an intermittent crash issue. The scenario requires that the AppFabric server has several dependent services and many persisted workflows. The crash is rare but typically occurs during startup.

 3.      Fixed a crash in the AppFabric Event Collection Service when ETW events that are associated with Workflow Versioning are present. If the Workflow instances that are monitored in the AppFabric Dashboard use Workflow Versioning, ETW events that the Event Collection Service doesn’t recognize may be generated. This causes the Event Collection Service to crash.


For workflow versioning scenario (i.e. any new workflow feature .NET 4.5 onwards), AppFabric dashboard was not reporting all the events. It has been addressed with the current CU release.


The above hotfix contains fix from the AppFabric point of view (i.e. itself ready to handle the new events). However, the AF associated database (SQL) needs to be updated with new set of SQL scripts, which comes in the folder C:\Program Files\AppFabric 1.1 for Windows Server\Schema\ (in general). Schema folder is updated for only one file - Create_Monitoring_Schema.sql. This has the trigger definition script updated for ASWfEventsTable_AfterInsertTrigger, that allows tracking additional events.


Note: You would have to run the SQL script Create_Monitoring_Schema.sql explicitly once CU 8 (kb/3199763) is installed (for additional events tracked in AF dashboard).



I hope this helps!

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