WCF: Debugging WCF Throttling


w3wp process stops responding to the incoming request and recycling app pool fixes the problem.


Data Collection:

Download and Install DebugDiag from



Click cancel.

Go to process tab.


Select the w3wp process and right click and say  - create full user dump




Let us search the WCF Security context object and observe the throttling values .....

To get there, we need object of service host .....

 !dumpheap -stat

0x000007fef6a56a90         1           248  System.ServiceModel.ServiceHost



We got the Method table ...

Now let us get the address .....

0:036> !dumpheap -mt 0x000007fef6a56a90         

Using our cache to search the heap.

   Address         MT             Size  Gen

0x00000000ff66d358 0x000007fef6a56a90      248    1 System.ServiceModel.ServiceHost



Now we got the object .... let us !do it ...

0:036> !do 0x00000000ff66d358

Name: System.ServiceModel.ServiceHost

MethodTable: 000007fef6a56a90

EEClass: 000007fef6413680

Size: 248(0xf8) bytes

GC Generation: 1





We need to find the service throttle object now .....



Analyzing the Session object ....




We need to add a Service behavior on server side and increase this value .....





     <behavior  name="Throttled">










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  1. Saurav says:

    Really helpful.

    Thanks for sharing the steps!!

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