Part 2 of dnrTV about the Entity Framework now up

Check it out at  In this episdoe we build on the first EF dnrTV by looking at using the EF in a variety of scenarios including ASP.Net web pages with the Entity Data Source Control and with ASP.Net Dynamic Data and web services with ADO.Net Data Services and written by hand using WCF.

 - Danny

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  1. koonuf says:

    Thanks for interesting show! Let me express a suggestion on future EF presentations… I think many people would be really interested in more details on the modeling part, namely how those EF metadata files are structured. I’m personally in the project where we have ~200 entities, so visual entity model designer would not work for us, we would probably need to manually create/update model mapping files (this is what we are currently doing with NHibernate mapping files).

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