I’ll be at DevConnections in Orlando in a couple of weeks

I had so much fun talking with folks at DevConnections in Las Vegas last fall that I really wanted to attend a conference again this spring so I could share more about what we're doing with the Entity Framework and meet more great people who are interested in or even using the EF or LINQ to SQL.  As it turns out, they needed someone to present a couple of sessions at the upcoming DevConnections in Orlando, so I signed up.

My two talks are:

VMD314: Entity Framework in the Real World
Daniel Simmons
Come see the Entity Framework in action! Check out an exciting new open source application built on the Entity Framework. During this session we’ll discuss and demo the use of the Entity Framework to build a LOB application in the healthcare vertical.

VDM215: Entity Framework: Application Patterns
Daniel Simmons
Microsoft is introducing the ADO.NET Entity Framework and the Entity Data Model to help developers code against first-class business objects when creating business applications. Like any new technology, most of the information available on the topic focuses on what the Entity Framework is, what are its constituting components and related aspects. This session takes the audience beyond the “what“ of the Entity Framework, instead delving into various application scenarios and approaches to application architecture to show how one can use the Entity Framework today. We shall discuss the role of Entity Framework in Web, rich-client, and service-oriented applications.

But I also plan to attend as many of the EF and L2S sessions as I possibly can, so if you are going to be there, I'd love to meet you.  I'm usually pretty easy to find because a) I often carry around a bright, lime-green backpack, and b) when it comes to these topics I have an awful hard time keeping my mouth shut.  😉

- Danny

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