EF will ship with SP1 of VS 2008/.Net Framework 3.5

Probably the most frequent question I get these days is, "by the way, when will the EF finally ship?"  I can imagine how frustrating it must be not having more concrete data about this stuff, and sadly all we're able to tell you is that it will ship some time this summer.  Unfortunately I don't have any new news on that front, but what I can (finally) share with you is the ship vehicle.

There will be an SP1 of VS 2008/.Net Framework 3.5, and the Entity Framework and its designer will ship with it.  In fact, there will be a beta for SP1 coming out sometime soon with all of our bits nicely integrated with VS and the .Net Framework--no more install Orcas, then install this beta thing, then a patch, then another beta thing or whatever that song and dance was.

- Danny

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  1. HawVer says:

    Sounds good, I’m looking forward to do some testing with  this new beta. Will the new beta also contain better wcf support or is that something for the rtm?

  2. simmdan says:

    When you say "better wcf support", you could mean lots of different things…  

    There will be some improvements in the beta–specifically graphs of entities will automatically serialize by default (rather than just shallow entities).  This is the result of work not only that the EF team is doing but also some work from the WCF team which will ship in SP1 as well.  

    On the other hand, long term we would like to have mechanisms to improve the overall support for n-tier applications by removing some of what you have to code by hand today (maybe something like EntityBag maybe something else).  This kind of improvement will not make v1 at all.

    – Danny

  3. Hot Topics says:

    We will all breath a sigh of relief when Entity Framework is officially part of Visual Studio , but until

  4. During the past month, Danny Simmons let us all officially know that SP1 of VS 2008/.NET Framework 3.5

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