See you at DevConnections in Las Vegas

I just got through signing up to attend DevConnections in Las Vegas in early November.  Because of some things going on in my family situation, I normally do almost everything I can to avoid travel, but I've really been wanting the opportunity to get to meet with more of the folks who are working with or considering working with the entity framework. This is a particularly interesting conference for me since they've added a whole new data access track with a day of talks from msft folks as well as two days of talks from others--and many of the talks in the track are about my favorite subject (the EF of course).  I really look forward to the chance to learn from folks.

I don't think I'll have any official speaking responsibilities (I signed up too late for that), but I'm planning on hanging out in the data access track sessions, and talking with folks as much as possible.  If you are going, and would like to get together and chat about the EF, ADO.Net, OR/M in general, Domain Driven Design, Agile, or other geeky topics, then put a comment here or send me some email, and we'll find a way to get together.

- Danny

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