Use X++ to Loop through the AOT

Recently, I had a need to loop through the Forms node in the AOT and find any form that had a particular property value.  I’ve seen a lot of examples that show you how to locate nodes in the AOT by name, but not by a property value. So I thought I would share the…


Microsoft Dynamics AX SOA Strategy Interview

There was recently a very interesting blog post interview with Lachlan Cash, Senior Product Manager for Dynamics AX. This interview discusses the product SOA strategy, how it has evolved through the different product versions and how it continues to evolve.   Also discussed is the future of X++. Perhaps we should start an ‘X++ becomes a…


AIF Code Samples Available for Download

I have posted some AIF code samples on the MSDN Code Gallery that demonstrate calling a service class from X++. AIF – Calling the Customer Service in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009This code sample demonstrates how to call the customer service from X++. This XPO contains a job that shows you how to call the following…


Update on the Dynamics AX SDK Team

The Dynamics AX SDK team is responsible for the product developer documentation. Lately, I have been getting the word out about what the SDK team has been doing lately and catch up anyone who’s interested on what’s new with the developer documentation. We have been up to a lot since the 4.0 release.   The full update follows below…


Dynamics AX Developer Center Goes Live

The Dynamicx AX Developer Center is now live on MSDN and contains a plethora of resources for AX developers.  The SDK team welcomes your feedback on any general or specific comments you have about the developer documentation.