Summer Reading – Dynamics AX Books

Traditionally, Summer is a time to catch up on reading. Since the dog days of Summer are now upon us (here in the northern hemisphere), I’d like to draw your attention to some of the Dynamics AX books that are available. There’s a full listing on the AX Developer Center at Happy Reading!  

Limit Outbound Documents in 4.0 (AIF)

In Dynamics AX 4.0, there are two AIF actions that support retrieving data from an external system: QueryEntityKeys and QueryDocument. If a request message contains the QueryEntityKeys action, AX returns one ore more entity keys that match the query criteria specified in the request. If a request messages contains the the QueryDocument action, AX returns one or…


Feedback on DAX Developer Center

You may have seen my post about the Dynamics AX developer center on MSDN but even more exciting news is that I have recently become responsible for its content.   At first, I was drunk with power. But I’m over it now and would like to say that if you have any feedback on what…


Yahoo Group for Dynamics AX

I thought I knew all the resources that existed for Dynamics AX development and now I come to find out there’s one heretofore unknown to me. That is the Dynamics AX dev group on Yahoo which you can get via this link: It’s quite an active group and a good place to research questions…