How to Create and Consume a Service – New AIF Webcast

If you’re using Dynamics AX 2009 and are new to services, there’s a new webcast that you’ll want to check out. It’s on Channel 9, and it was done by Sanjay Jain, ISV Architect Evangelist.   It gives you the nutshell version of how to:   ·         Create a new service ·         Add a new…


AIF File Adapter Processing Sequence

When you use the AIF file adapter to process messages, you might think that the messages would be processed sequentially in the order they are submitted as determined by the file time stamp (even though the processing is asynchronous). But the file adapter actually uses the file name and processes the messages alphabetically. So if you…


AIF BizTalk Adapter White Paper Updated for 2009

The white paper that covers setting up and configuring the BizTalk adapter has been updated for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. You can find it here. I wrote the original version of this white paper for 4.0 and one of my colleagues has updated it for the latest version. This is a must-have resource if you’re…


AIF Services & Locale

I was recently included on an e-mail thread in which the question as to how AIF web services handle localization was raised. For example, if you have caller in Germany invoking a service that’s hosted in France, how is localization of the data and error messages handled?   The answer is that the services do…


Video About the AIF Services and WCF

Normally, I don’t like to blog about other blogs, but in this case I made an exception. This blog post highlights an excellent video in which Ben Riga talks with Michael Merz, the AIF PM. This video is packed with useful technical information about WCF and AIF. He shows you how to: Consume the sales…


Excellent Presentation on SOA & Dynamics AX

If you’re interested in finding out about how SOA is enabled in Microsoft Dynamics AX, there’s an excellent video on the subject. The video is a presentation by Alex Renz, in product planning, and Michael Merz, the PM for AIF. AIF provides the integration framework in Dynamics AX. If you’re investigating how to integrate Dynamics AX…


Guide to AIF Documentation Available

After fielding many requests for AIF documentation for both 4.0 and 2009, I put together this handy-dandy reference guide for the AIF documentation. It lists the documentation resources for both versions. When it comes to AIF, there are things that end-users, administrators and developers each need to know. This makes it a unique feature documentation-wise because…


AIF Top Ten

AIF Top 10 in Dynamics AX 2009   You’ve probably already heard that the release of the new version – Dynamics AX 2009 – is on the horizon. For those of you who are using AIF or are planning to use it, the next version has some great features.   Here is my list of…


Limit Outbound Documents in 4.0 (AIF)

In Dynamics AX 4.0, there are two AIF actions that support retrieving data from an external system: QueryEntityKeys and QueryDocument. If a request message contains the QueryEntityKeys action, AX returns one ore more entity keys that match the query criteria specified in the request. If a request messages contains the the QueryDocument action, AX returns one or…


Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2 Released

Service Pack 2 for Dynamics AX version 4.0 has just been released. SP2 contains some long-awaited features for AIF in addition to a plethora of bug fixes in all areas of the product. SP2 is available on PartnerSource and CustomerSource. Note that you must have access to these sites in order to log in.