Keyboard Shortcuts for AX 2009

Recently, I was cleaning out my e-mail and came across a document that contains keyboard shortcuts for AX 2009. I found these shortcuts so handy for my own use, I felt compelled to share. To give credit where it’s due, this document was created by David Kidder, an SDET on the AX development team. Thanks, David! This…


AxAssist – An Assistant for your X++ Editor

Anyone who works in the X++ editor knows that it is not what you might call full-featured – especially if you’re used to working in Visual Studio. You might say that it has a quaint austerity, or perhaps a zen-like simplicity. I recently came across a new tool called AxAssist that could really up your…


Dynamics AX Training Links

Training isn’t necessarily my bailiwick, but I recently came across some Microsoft Dynamics AX training links that I thought would be useful. These aren’t new links, just thought I’d aggregate and post them. Audience Link Public (for anyone not on a service plan) Microsoft Dynamics Training Website Public (for anyone not on a service plan)…


AIF File Adapter Processing Sequence

When you use the AIF file adapter to process messages, you might think that the messages would be processed sequentially in the order they are submitted as determined by the file time stamp (even though the processing is asynchronous). But the file adapter actually uses the file name and processes the messages alphabetically. So if you…


Configure AIF for Data Exchange White Paper – Link Correction

In a previous post, I listed the PartnerSource and CustomerSource links to the AIF white papers. The link to the white paper about configuring AIF for data exchange was incorrect, so here are the correct links: PartnerSource: CustomerSource: Note: You’ll need a valid PartnerSource or CustomerSource login to access the papers.  


AX 2009 SDK Updates on MSDN

The SDK team has released its first update to the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 developer documentation on MSDN since the release of the product. Go here for a list of changes that were included in the most recent update.


Getting Error Details in AIF

It’s hard to believe, but sometimes things don’t work as expected when integrating external systems with AX. When an error occurs during data exchange using AIF, the caller sees a generic “request failed” error. You can see the detailed error message in the Exceptions form by going to Basic > Periodic > Application Integration Framework >…


Feedback on DAX Developer Center

You may have seen my post about the Dynamics AX developer center on MSDN but even more exciting news is that I have recently become responsible for its content.   At first, I was drunk with power. But I’m over it now and would like to say that if you have any feedback on what…


Update on the Dynamics AX SDK Team

The Dynamics AX SDK team is responsible for the product developer documentation. Lately, I have been getting the word out about what the SDK team has been doing lately and catch up anyone who’s interested on what’s new with the developer documentation. We have been up to a lot since the 4.0 release.   The full update follows below…


Yahoo Group for Dynamics AX

I thought I knew all the resources that existed for Dynamics AX development and now I come to find out there’s one heretofore unknown to me. That is the Dynamics AX dev group on Yahoo which you can get via this link: It’s quite an active group and a good place to research questions…