Import Credit Card Transactions for Expense Mgmt

This post is from the “too helpful not to share” file. I received this information recently on how to import credit card transactions for expense management in Dynamics AX 2009.   To set up importing of credit card transactions into expense management, go to Basic > Setup > Import > Documents. Following is a high…


Restart AOS When Service WSDL Contains an Enum

I recently heard about an issue in Dynamics AX 2009 when adding a service reference or even a reference to a DLL within the AOT. For instance, if you add a reference to a service, call the service and then receive an error, it may be due to problems with data contracts that contain enums. So if you…


AIF Services & Locale

I was recently included on an e-mail thread in which the question as to how AIF web services handle localization was raised. For example, if you have caller in Germany invoking a service that’s hosted in France, how is localization of the data and error messages handled?   The answer is that the services do…


Video About the AIF Services and WCF

Normally, I don’t like to blog about other blogs, but in this case I made an exception. This blog post highlights an excellent video in which Ben Riga talks with Michael Merz, the AIF PM. This video is packed with useful technical information about WCF and AIF. He shows you how to: Consume the sales…


AIF Queries & Schemas: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

 A while back I created this graphic to show the relationship between a document query and the document schema. If you’re new to AIF, this may help you understand the format of the data that flows in and out of AIF through the document services.   When using a document service in AIF, you call a service…


AIF Code Samples Available for Download

I have posted some AIF code samples on the MSDN Code Gallery that demonstrate calling a service class from X++. AIF – Calling the Customer Service in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009This code sample demonstrates how to call the customer service from X++. This XPO contains a job that shows you how to call the following…


Update to the Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.01 SDK Now Released

An update to the 4.01 SDK is now available for download here. Download and install this file to get the latest developer help content (in .chm file format) for Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.01. The SDK contains all the developer documentation including conceptual content, walkthroughs, how-to’s, and class reference content. The new release fixes broken links…


Excellent Presentation on SOA & Dynamics AX

If you’re interested in finding out about how SOA is enabled in Microsoft Dynamics AX, there’s an excellent video on the subject. The video is a presentation by Alex Renz, in product planning, and Michael Merz, the PM for AIF. AIF provides the integration framework in Dynamics AX. If you’re investigating how to integrate Dynamics AX…


Viewing a Minidump File in XP

Recently, I have been experiencing hard crashes on my computer, which I have been using for over two years now. What happens is that I see a flash of blue screen and then my system reboots. After the inital shock, panic, and trying to remember what files I had saved/not saved, I shrugged it off…


Summer Reading – Dynamics AX Books

Traditionally, Summer is a time to catch up on reading. Since the dog days of Summer are now upon us (here in the northern hemisphere), I’d like to draw your attention to some of the Dynamics AX books that are available. There’s a full listing on the AX Developer Center at Happy Reading!