AX SDK on MSDN Now Wiki-ized

If you're an AX developer, I have some good news: the Dynamics AX 2009 developer documentation on MSDN is now enabled for community content (aka wiki). So now you can post comments, code samples, bug reports, kudos and brickbats on any particular topic.

You’ve most likely seen the wiki in action on MSDN if you’ve ever browsed the help for .NET or SQL Server or any of the other developer products. Just scroll to the bottom of any topic and you’ll see the Community Content pane. Click the Add new content link to sign in and start talking. You will need to have a valid Live ID to sign in and post a comment. Currently, only the AX 2009 help is wiki enabled, but we plan to enable this feature on the AX 4.0 help soon.

Let the discussions commence!


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  1. says:

    I tried to submit some additional documentation to several entries, but found that it was not there when I went back to look at it. Is there something that I need to do to make the submissions visible?



  2. dsiebold says:

    Hi Eric –

    There shouldn’t be anything special you need to do to save your comments as long as you sign in with your Live ID first. Can you send me the link of a topic that you posted comments to?


  3. dsiebold says:

    Seems like there was just a delay in the comments displaying. I see them now in topic

    Thanks for commenting!


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