Usability 101 – Don’t Make ‘Em Think

Recently, I’ve come across some good books and articles about usability. When I thought about it, I realized that usability is universal and its principles can be applied by many roles related to software – software developers, business analysts, testers, creators of any software documentation, web site designers, and so on. The first book is…


Dynamics AX 2009 & Communicator – Better Together

I just discovered that you can enable integration of AX and communicator such that you can see a contact’s status right from within AX. To me this was so cool I couldn’t wait to check it out and share the goodness. You can see Communicator presence for any party type person in AX so it…


T-3 Days

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference is only three days away. Hope to see you there!


New Code Sample for AX 2009

‘Tis the season for gift giving. And what better gift than sample code.  For you AX 2009 techies, we have a new code sample called the Facility Management sample application. Like the Fleet Management sample app, this code is designed to show you the basics of application development in AX with a functioning yet simple…


The Help Guy – Who Knew?!

Not me! Within our very own company we have someone that blogs regularly about help files and formats. If you write or integrate content with Dynamics AX help, this could be a handy resource. You can find his blog at In particular, the Help Guy’s latest post about the current state of the various Microsoft help…


Top 10 Reasons to Attend the AX Tech Conference

Here are my top 10 reasons to attend the Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference. Rub elbows with AX industry luminaries. Or at least bump in to a PM or SDET from the product team. In this conference, the break-out sessions are all highly technical and presented by the developers, testers, PMs and writers that worked…


Process Manufacturing and AX 2009 – New Book

For those of you on the business side of Dynamics AX, there’s a new book out called Managing Process Manufacturing using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. Written by Scott Hamilton, this book explains the functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 that supports process distribution and manufacturing including scenarios involving discrete manufacturing. In the author’s words, “The…


Default Location when Saving Attachments in Outlook 2010

If you’re an Outlook 2010 user, you’ve probably noticed that when you save an attachment, it brings up some default file location. Then you have to click through to navigate to the folder where you like to save your files. This was really getting me down and I figured it was one of those small…


Generate a Report of Reports

If you have ever thought to yourself, “Gee, I sure wish I had a list of all the reports in my AX installation,” then your wait is over. Now you can use this handy report to generate a list all of the reports in your AX 2009 installation. After you import the XPO, you’ll see…


Use X++ to Loop through the AOT

Recently, I had a need to loop through the Forms node in the AOT and find any form that had a particular property value.  I’ve seen a lot of examples that show you how to locate nodes in the AOT by name, but not by a property value. So I thought I would share the…