Doug Seven

Director of Product Management, Visual Studio

Check Out Visual Studio Tips and Tricks

Scott Cate has started a Video Blog showing Visual Studio Tips and Tricks. Starting with Tip of the Day posts originally done by Sara Ford over 2007 and 2008, the Video blog is a great way to see Visual Studio in action. Scott already has the first 20 tricks posted. The site is also mobile… Read more

A Little on LINQ

Recently I was involved (only a little) in preparing some of the Visual Studio Launch content for the February 27th launch event (and subsequent worldwide events). During the preparation we held “train-the-trainer” meetings where people who would be presenting launch sessions around the world could learn more about the sessions and ask questions. During one… Read more

Visual Studio 2008 for Ruby on Rails

With the release of the Visual Studio 2008 SDK, software vendors can now build IDE’s on top of the Visual Studio 2008 Shell. This enables software vendors to build IDE’s that leverage the power of the Visual Studio 2008 IDE, without requiring the end user to have a copy of Visual Studio 2008. SapphireSteel has… Read more

User Group Event: A Lap Around Visual Studio Team System 2008

On Monday, November 26th I will be presenting at the .NET Developer’s Association user group. My goal for the evenng is to spend 1-2 hours going over Visual Studio Team System 2008, showing off its new features, as well as some of the old stand-by’s that were in the 2005 version. Most of my time… Read more

Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Joint Launch Announced

  Today, at the Microsoft® Worldwide Partner Conference 2007 in Denver, CO, Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer, announced that Windows Server® 2008, Visual Studio® 2008 and Microsoft SQL Server™ 2008 will launch together at an event in Los Angeles on Feb. 27, 2008, kicking off hundreds of launch events around the world. Windows Server… Read more