Doug Seven

Director of Product Management, Visual Studio

.NET Rocks!: Visual Studio Team System Panel Discussion from TechEd 2007

During TechEd 2007 I was asked to participate in a live panel discussion to talk about Visual Studio Team System. I was fortunate enough to sit with some very smart fellows – Mike Azocar, Steven Borg, and Joel Semeniuk – I, of course was the “blue badge” victim. We had a great discussion, although I… Read more

Better Software Development for Agile Teams

A few week’s ago the latest book from Jim Newkirk and Will Stott was released, Visual Studio Team System: Better Software Development for Agile Teams. Personally I am a huge fan of agile development – the team I have been managing has been using VSTS, Scrum and TDD for the past year or more. I have just… Read more

Adventures in Unit Testing Persuasion

A couple weeks ago a friend asked me to help him put together a compelling story for his engineering management on why they should make unit testing (and Test Driven Development) an expectation for their engineering teams. We spent some time talking about the virtues of unit testing, the benefits of TDD, and the potential… Read more

Agile Development Center on MSDN

MSDN recently launched it’s Agile Development Center. In the ADC you can learn about how the pattersn & practices team reconfigured their office area to a modern agile workspace (the envy of my team, I might add – they are in the building next door). Additionally you can learn about agile techniques, and how you… Read more

Scrum in a Heat

In my group we have adopted Scrum, along with a “Heat” variant. That is, a Heat is 3 month-long scrums. During the heat we are expected to release something for our stakeholders to preview (Sprint 1), collect feedback while continuing development (Sprint 2), and integrate customer feedback as appropriate and release (Sprint 3). Here are… Read more