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TechEd 07 in Orlando: I’ll Be There … Will You?

Quick note to say, hey, I’ll be at TechEd ’07 in Orlando next week, June 1st – 9th, and would love a chance to talk to folks in the community about our services, your community & information management needs, and ideas for the future. I’ll be at the Resources Zone, working on the MSDN side of things (or ’round and about that general area).
Of course, you could always come to my DBPro Chalk Talk or my session on Unit Testing and TDD (with special guest, Brian Randell):
DEV20-TLC – Real World Dataload Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System (VSTS): Database Professional
Track(s): Web Development and Infrastructure
Speaker(s): Doug Seven
Let’s face it, testing your application with realistic data loads has never been easy. And be honest, testing with five customer records named “test 123 main street” is not realistic. The best way to test your application and its queries is to download production data and for most companies, that’s either illegal or impossible. Microsoft Visual Studio Team Edition: Database Pro to the rescue! We explore how to use VSTS DB Pro to generate both meaningful data and data sets of large enough quantity to simulate real application loads. Then we will use the Unit Test feature of VSTS DB Pro to run and automate these tests. Testing will never be a chore again, it will not only be easy to do, but it will be fun.

DEV347 – Unit Testing and Test Driven Development
Track(s): Developer Tools and Technologies
Speaker(s): Brian Randell, Doug Seven
You want to write the best quality code you can, and you want to ensure it does exactly what it is expected to. By writing unit tests for both your existing code, and for the code you have yet to write, you can ensure that you code is functioning exactly as it was meant to. Learn how to use the Unit Testing features built in to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Learn how to set up a Test Project and create unit tests for existing code, write a variety of unit tests, and see how the unit tests help ensure code quality. By the end of the session, you will learn how you can write unit tests to drive the design and development of your code.
A handful of us will be there, including TSHAK, Don, Dave, and our special guest PM, Chris. Come by and say ‘Hi’, and pick up a t-shirt; and, if you really want to get into it, allow one of us to interview you and, I promise, we’ve got some sweet swag to give you in return (such as you see attached to this post: a USB 2.0 4-port hub).


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