Doug Seven

Director of Product Management, Visual Studio

Sharing Team System Specs

Here’s another nugget from Jeff… One of the things that we quietly rolled out yesterday along with the release of Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team System code name “Rosario” November 2007 CTP is the program to share selected Team System specifications and get your feedback on them.  We have created a new forum specifically designated to… Read more

Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Code Name "Rosario" November 2007 CTP is Available

Yes, the newest CTP of the next release of Team System has been made available. From Jeff Beehler:  I’m happy to announce that the next Community Technology Preview of Rosario (officially known as Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team System code name “Rosario” November 2007 CTP) is now available.  Customers can immediately begin downloading the VPC images… Read more

User Group Event: A Lap Around Visual Studio Team System 2008

On Monday, November 26th I will be presenting at the .NET Developer’s Association user group. My goal for the evenng is to spend 1-2 hours going over Visual Studio Team System 2008, showing off its new features, as well as some of the old stand-by’s that were in the 2005 version. Most of my time… Read more

Visual Studio Team System 2008 Has Shipped!

Here is the official word from Jeff Beehler, the Team System Chief of Staff, and the really official word from Soma. Here is where you can download it from MSDN. I have only been officially working on the Team System team for five-months, and I can say that I am thrilled about this release. I… Read more

Where in the world am I?

The more I travel, the more I realize how small our world has gotten. Rarely do I find myself somewhere without the comforts of home readily available to me. I think back to the stories my grandfather use to tell me of his travels (he traveled the world working for Boeing) and I realize how… Read more

Upcoming Presentations (Come along, I’d love to meet you)

I have a few upcoming presentations. If you will be in Kuala Lumpur in mid-September, I’d love to meet you. Please, come and introduce yourself. KL TechNite + MIND: Developer’s Rock on September 9th MIND Community and EC iTrain Sdn. Bhd will be organizing a joint event “MIND TechNite: Developers Rock” this coming September 9th… Read more

What Do You Want?

I’m curious. You know me…I live to work for you. I want to give you what you want. Have I buttered you up enough? Good. I actually want to know what you want to read about in regard to Visual Studio Team System, and/or Team Foundation Server. It can be anything? You want to know… Read more

Are Software Developers Perfect When They Write Code?

At TechEd 2007 this past June, TSHAK and I had the opportunity to record a video in the TechEd “Fishbowl.” This was a follow up to my breakout session on Unit Testing and Test Driven Development (with VSTS of course). Are Software Developers Perfect When They Write Code?Tim Shakarian talks with Doug Seven from the… Read more

Now Available: VSTS Code Name "Rosario" Aug 2007 CTP

Last week we released the first glimpse of the future of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with our Visual Studio Team System code name “Rosario” August 2007 CTP. “Rosario” enhances the ALM capabilities in Visual Studio Team System 2008, and focuses on improving the collaboration between development and the needs of the business, and increasing application quality and… Read more

Upcoming MSDN Webcast: Overview of the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server – Project Server 2007 Connector

From Brian Keller: If you are interested in the recently released connector which integrates Team Foundation Server 2005 and Project Server 2007 then you don’t want to miss this upcoming Webcast. Follow the link to register: MSDN Webcast: Overview of the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server – Project Server 2007 ConnectorMonday, September 17, 2007 11:00… Read more