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Director of Product Management, Visual Studio

Mix06: Day One – Live and WPF

I attended a couple more sessions today, The Windows Live Platform: Build Applications That Have Access to 400 Million Address Book, and 13 Billion Contacts! and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF): The Opportunity for WPF Applications in the Brower and Beyond.

Here are the things I found most interesting from those sessions:

The opening slide to the Windows Live session stated:

Opening Windows Live services to create shared opportunity for developers and businesses.

They also stated that Windows Live gadgets are intended to be “Eye popping UX with deep access to Web services.” They should also be simple for users to use and install.

The coolest part of the session was the demonstration of Windows Live Messenger Bots (which also work with MSN Messenger). You can test out the Mix06 bot by adding to you IM contact list then starting a conversation with it. Follow the directions provided (I suggest typing “speakers” or “maps”).

In the WPF session there were some cool demos of WPF in action. You can test out a WPF application by downloading Max.

More to come.

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