An answer for those of you who wanted Browser-based access to TFS

For those of you who have wanted browser-based access to Team System, Microsoft announced the acquisition of DevBiz today: Some of the good news is that we’re making the client a free download, and working it into our product roadmap. You can download it for free today. Here are some of the key points…

Vista Refresh for Visual Studio Service Pack 1 available

You can get it here: If you have the beta of this refresh, you’ll want to uninstall beta before installing the full refresh–see the Instructions. There is a long Q&A with Soma Somasegar regarding the release at this link:  Happy Developing!

So what is a check-in policy?

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably familiar with Team System check-in policies; we have three out-of-the-box—code analysis, testing policy, and associated work items. You can apply one or more—or none for that matter. If your pending checkin fails to satisfy all the policy conditions, your checkin is blocked until you satisfy all the conditions….

Hi, and some quick start information

  Who am I? I’m Dave Scruggs, and people who meet me through Microsoft know me as a Developer Technical Specialist (or “Dev-TS”).  That means I help people understand what Team System is, what it’s supposed to do for them, how it fits into the way they work, and why they would want to use…