Upcoming webcast on Team Test

I’ll focus on web testing and load testing. It’s next Wednesday for 90 minutes.  The invitation is below: teamCast Wednesday Series: Visual Studio Team System Deep Dive SeriesPlease join us for a deep-dive session on specific Visual Studio Team System and ALM topics bi-weekly.  There will be time for product and licensing Q&A at the…


Sync points in Team System Load Tests

Sync points are something you can use to drive heavy load on a system. In some other tools, they’re called “Rendezvous points”. For example, you could have every user adding items to shopping carts at their own pace, then synchronizing so that they all check out in the same instant.  One of the nice aspects of…


So what is a check-in policy?

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably familiar with Team System check-in policies; we have three out-of-the-box—code analysis, testing policy, and associated work items. You can apply one or more—or none for that matter. If your pending checkin fails to satisfy all the policy conditions, your checkin is blocked until you satisfy all the conditions….