Some guy wrote a T-SQL Mandelbrot routine

Some guy sent a Mandelbrot routine in T-SQL to the DailyWTF ( The bar for entry into CodeSOD is pretty straight forward: professionally-developed code that elicits that certain What The— reaction. Though there have been a few exceptions over the years, generally speaking, student code, hobbyist code, and amateur code need not apply. That said,…


The MSDN Developer Conference is coming…I’ll be there

I’ll be speaking on Oslo in one session ("A Lap Around ‘Oslo’") and on VSTS 2010 ("’Rosario’: A Sprint with the Next Version of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System") in the Atlanta session on 12/16/2008.  There are a lot more sessions going.  For those of you who couldn’t go to PDC (like yours truly), this…


Fresh PDC Videos–Get ‘Em

Yum! TL03 Microsoft Visual Studio Team System: Software Diagnostics and Quality for Services TL04 Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Team Foundation Server: How We Use it at Microsoft TL09 Agile Development with Microsoft Visual Studio TL15 Architecture without Big Design Up Front TL24 Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability TL37 Microsoft Visual Studio Team System:…


RDA giving a seminar on Visual Studio Team System in Atlanta next week

I’ll be talking about VSTS next week in the Microsoft Atlanta office with Steve Andrews (an MVP who blogs at and John Baird (President of Quay, inc.). It’s capped at 25 people, but there’s still room for next Thursday.  You’ll need to register first, by filling out the form that’s linked to the "Register…


Partner Training Offering: Leveraging Visual Studio Team System 2008

One of the local Southeastern training partners–Dunn Training–has a public enrollment class in "Leveraging Visual Studio Team System 2008" set for December 8-12. It’s a 5-day instructor led course, given by Richard Hundhausen of Accentient.  It’s an end-to-end basic training class plus advanced topics.  It will cover all the roles, TFS, Team Build, Version Control,…


Setting the %PathToWebRoot%

You can set this option locally for your ASP.NET Development Server-based web tests.  Then, any tests you run can reference that root–and other developers can configure it to run in a different folder than you.  It makes it much easier to share these tests between other teammates.


bharry’s WebLog : Preview of the next TFS Power Tools release

If you’re subscribed to my blog, I think you should subscribe to Brian’s–it’s one of the most prolific and useful sources of Team System information.  He’s one of the main architects of the system.  Anyway, this is a huge power tool release coming up. At the very least, because it has an explorer integration.  The…


New VSTS Announcements

I can stop saying "Dev10" and "Rosario" now–the new terms are "Visual Studio 2010" and "Visual Studio Team System 2010" (or VSTS 2010).  Please don’t read too much into the names–Microsoft’s 2010 fiscal year starts July 1, 2009. And for your viewing pleasure, please check out: Norman Guadagno: Announcing Visual Studio Team System 2010 |…


Web tests, unit tests, the ASP.NET Development Server, and Code Coverage

If you’re using Windows Server 2008 and UAC, you may have had some difficulty getting the code coverage data on an IIS web application.  There’s something called "Session 0" isolation that’s there to protect your web server from unauthorized access. I’d set up most of my web applications as "HTTP" applications instead of using "File…


TechDays ’08 Atlanta

 Glen Gordon is posting updates to the Chalk Talk Schedule for the TechDays ’08 Event – Atlanta, GA.  It’s at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel (165 Courtland Street, Atlanta, Ga 30303: Live Maps, 1-click directions) from Tuesday September 23rd through Thursday September 25th. I’ll be showing some of the new architecture and UML features of the…